Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saints Nation: No Suspension for Will Smith After All?

I'm officially tired of hearing and writing about the StarCaps case. Just when I think there's going to be some resolution, good or bad, a new development happens to delay things. I wish Smith would either just serve his suspension and get it over with, or get off the hook immediately. As it stands, yet another appeal in the case stands to delay the outcome. I read THIS on which suggests Smith may be "eligible for the entire 2010 season". This comes after I posted earlier this month that Smith would be suspended for the first four games, based on a Jeff Duncan tweet. It sounds great to me if this works out in the Saints' favor, but let it be known that I'm done reading, hearing, writing or talking about this until there's a final resolution. No more speculation, as the StarCaps has gotten beyond ridiculous.

I will say if Smith HAS to miss 4 games, I'd rather it be earlier in the season rather than later, but hopefully that suspension will never come to fruition. Who even knows at this point?