Friday, May 14, 2010

Saints Nation: Civil Suit Withdrawn, Saints Going to Arbitration

THIS ARTICLE confirms that the suit made against the Saints in the Vicodin scandal is headed to arbitration. This news isn't really good or bad, because an arbitration will settle the money amount Santini is owed in this case. Instead of a jury ruling it will be a judge behind closed chambers. Ultimately the Saints stand to possibly lose money, which is what they risked in the lawsuit all the same. The bigger fear down the road is the possible federal charges facing Joe Vitt, Mickey Loomis, and possibly Sean Payton. Add to that the possible sanctions the NFL might impose on the team. As fans, those are the things we should be most concerned about.


Rodney Leisle released, and sign receiversLarry Beavers and Andy Tanner.

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