Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saints Nation Fans Have Spoken: Jimmy Graham Is the Sean Payton Era's Best 3rd Round Pick

Jimmy Graham got a big vote of confidence from the Saints Nation fans, who voted him as the best 3rd round pick of the Sean Payton era. Surprisingly, Sean Payton has only drafted 3 3rd round picks in his 5 year history with the Saints. Perhaps that's an insight into how he values that round and stage of the draft. With one of those picks, Andy Alleman, no longer on the team, the only real choices were the promising new tight end Graham, or special team ace and defensive backfield reserve Usama Young. A little surprising that Graham took 57% of the vote, since Young has been a productive role player and Graham has yet to see the field, but I think it speaks to how excited fans are about the athleticism and promise Graham has. Thanks for your participation and please vote in the new Saints Nation poll on the right side of the site: Which 4th round draft choice is the best of the Sean Payton era?