Thursday, May 13, 2010

Saints Nation: Former Employee Geoff Santini Speaks Out in Vicodin Case

We received over the past couple of days some details of Santini's allegations against the Saints. posted THIS STORY which includes the public comments Geoff Santini (the former employee accusing the Saints of criminal activity) has made about the case. More than anything, I just hate to see this case get this kind of national attention. The fact that it was on ESPN's front news page for the better part of 36 hours is not the kind of attention we want our team getting. As much as the organization is dismissing the merits of the case, it's a public black eye and it's lending itself to this kind of public attention is embarrassing. We all know that pain pills get passed around in professional sports locker rooms like candy, but the crimes the Saints are being accused of are serious. Between stealing narcotics, which Santini claims Joe Vitt and Sean Payton are both guilty of, and covering up a felony, which Santini blames Mickey Loomis of doing, this is not pretty. I keep hoping this is resolved quickly and quietly, but it's not looking good.

In other news, THIS STORY confirms the Saints have signed former 3rd round draft choice receiver Roy Hall. Hall is 26, big and fast, so what's not to like in the receiver? Well, he gets hurt all the time. He's got promise if he can stay healthy, but that's been the major if for this guy's entire career. He'll come into camp and compete, likely ending up as a camp body unless he can really turn some heads.