Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saints Nation: SuperBowl XLIV - Saints vs. Colts

So here we go, the day is finally here. Saints vs. Colts. Drew vs. Peyton. Sean Payton vs. Jim Caldwell. The Saints will play for a chance to become world champions for the first time in team history. At 29 years old, I've been a Saints fan my whole life rooting for this exact moment. This season was everything I ever dreamed and pictured when I imagined the Saints one day making it to this game. One thing I've learned throughout my life as a fan is that no fanhood has been tested more than that of Saints fans. There is no supporters in the world that are more loyal and unconditionally supportive of their team. The city of New Orleans and the fans of the New Orleans Saints deserve this moment, and they deserve this win. We've been through misery as fans, and we've been through tragedy as people following Katrina... but one thing that can be learned from the resilience of a New Orleanian is that if you keep fighting and believing long enough, you can come back from anything. The Saints embody the spirit of the whole city that never gives up. Despite virtually every national pundit across the land calling for a Colts win, is there doubt in your mind that at the end of today the Saints will hoist the Lombardi trophy? This is our time. FINISH STRONG!