Thursday, February 4, 2010

Saints Nation: New Contract for Drew Brees?

ESPN released an article late last night that can be read HERE, and it talks about a new deal being in the works for quarterback Drew Brees. If you've been paying attention to the ridiculously exorbitant contracts that Carson Palmer, Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and others have received in recent years - it's more than fair to say that Brees is due for a major pay raise. While I knew he wasn't getting the kind of money similar to those guys, I was shocked to learn his salary is actually 17th among NFL quarterbacks. Anything less than a top 5 contract for that guy is obviously ridiculous, though we have to of course take into account that New Orleans is not a big market economy like Washington, New York or the Boston area. Still, anything that rightfully compensates the player who in my mind has cemented his status as the best player in Saints' history is a good thing. Also, at 31, Brees likely has quite a few years left at the peak of his game. No time like the present to lock this guy up for the remainder of his career.