Friday, June 26, 2009

Saints Nation: Who is stupid enough to even consider Michael Vick?

The sweepstakes for "Who is stupid enough to even consider Michael Vick" aren't going to start anytime soon. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has reportedly claimed HERE that he's starting to think about the possibility that he'll maybe consider thinking about perhaps letting Michael Vick play in the NFL again. Don't worry people, I know how to write, that's just how cryptic the comish is being. But seriously, who is that stupid?

The Saints? Ha. No way. Seriously, we've been through this. Sean Payton hasn't passed on using Reggie Bush in the single wing, only so Mike Vick could. I'm not shooting it down again. This picture is the closest Brees will ever get to Vick again. I'm pretty sure Drew said to him right before this picture was taken: "Hang your head in shame, I have no respect for you".

The Vikings? Oh wait, they already have Brett Favre. Sort of.

The Raiders? Ok, yes, they really are that stupid. Heck, Dan Snyder of the Redskins will probably give him his second $100 million contract, for like 3 years.

Come on people, why are we still talking about this guy? He was an overrated Quarterback with drug habits, terrible character, and horrible accuracy throwing the ball. Spending a year in jail made him AT BEST worse of a football player and better as a person. At best. Goodell isn't going to let him play in 2009, which means he'll be a free man with nothing to do for a year. Think he'll stay out of the headlines? Think he'll keep his nose clean? I don't. Even if he does, do you think he'll be working out every day and getting better at football? I don't.

Any team that signs this clown is not only inhereting a PR nightmare, they're taking away a roster spot of a much more deserving player. Moving right along...