Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Saints Nation: New Orleans Saints season tickets sell out again!

THIS ARTICLE on from has announced that the Saints have sold out the season, yet again, for the 4th straight season (all since the return from Katrina). This is a testament to New Orleans truly having the greatest fans in the world. New Orleans boasts less job opportunities, less high profile jobs, and an overall inferior economy when compared to the other major cities hosting NFL teams. The residents of the city and nearby fans from Baton Rouge, Mississippi Gulf and northern/western Louisiana are just that committed to supporting their beloved team. Major props to all Saints fans out there for backing our boys. With a waiting list of now 50,000 people despite 2 straight seasons falling short of the playoffs, imagine what a little more success would do for the ball club. This kind of support means we're doing our part as fans, so it's time for the coaches and players to step up! GEAUX SAINTS!