Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saints Nation: La'Roi Glover calls it quits

Former Saint and defensive tackle La'Roi Glover has officially decided to retire at the age of 34 after spending 13 years in the NFL. Glover made his big break into the NFL with the Saints and played in New Orleans from 1997 till 2001. The best season of his career came the same season as the Saints' first playoff victory in franchise history, as he posted 17 sacks for the 2000 season. He also posted 10 sacks for the Saints in 1998, and played in 6 Pro Bowl's during his career (twice as a Saint). Glover also played for the Raiders, Cowboys and Rams. Glover wasn't the biggest or fastest player at his position, but he always had tremendous pass rushing ability, thanks to his heart and his high motor. Glover is also a member of Saints Nation's All Time 53 Man Roster (team here). He was a great one and Saints Nation would like to thank him for all the great memories, as well as wish him luck for his career outside of football.