Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saints Nation: Usama Young and Jammal Brown earn degrees published a story today that can be read HERE, reporting that Usama Young (pictured) and Jammal Brown received their college degrees after completing the required remaining hours they needed. While both are enjoying significant financial success and playing in the prime of their NFL careers, it is applaudable that they've gathered the discipline to finish what they started in their studies this offseason. Congratulations to both guys, as our team is better off for having these intelligent and now more educated players. In this day and age where athletes often leave college early to reap the benefits of a professional career at a younger age, it's pretty impressive these guys haven't let the success go to their heads. It's a very responsible decision on their part to complete their education, and it is cool to see. Much like last year we can also expect these two to be key contributors on the field for the 2009 Saints.