Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saints Nation: Bullet Points from Mini Camp

- Devery Henderson (pictured) has been said to be catching the ball very well and making a great impression. That's great to see after the promising season he had which rewarded him with a new long term contract. Perhaps he'll get more responsibilities this season. He needs to step up with Lance Moore currently out and Marques Colston limited.

- Dan Morgan injured his calf. Nothing serious, but don't expect the guy to be beating out Shanle any time soon if he gets injured which by the way has been his calling card. Lucky for him, Shanle sat out of a practice with the exact same injury.

- Adrian Arrington is banged up. I know a lot of you think he's the second coming, but after last preseason the guy simply isn't going to make it if he can't get on the field healthy.

- Malcolm Jenkins arrived yesterday after finishing exams at Ohio State. Nice to finally have him getting reps out there.

- Mike Bell is 10 pounds heavier. He claims he is in the best shape of his life and the added weight is muscle, but Sean Payton alluded that he might be too heavy. If he wants any chance of getting that #3 running back spot he may want to listen to what Sean Payton wants.

- Even with Campbell and Dinkins out, Shockey was only working with the 3rd team. Sounds like somebody got punished and is in the doghouse. Not good.

- Thomas Morstead apparently outdrove Glenn Pakulak on almost every punt in practice. Impressive considering how strong Pakulak's leg was last season. The main question will be, though, who's better in games. I wouldn't say Pakulak has no chance because if Morstead outkicks his coverage, it'll lead to big returns. This will be a good battle to keep an eye on.

- Tim Duckworth and DeMario Pressley got into a scuffle because Pressley tackled Lynell Hamilton. Good to see some intensity and guys having each other's back.

- Rob Ninkovich has been competing with Kevin Houser at long snapper. House is the longest tenured Saint, but he might be in jeopardy if Ninkovich snaps well because he would have the ability to play snaps at defensive end as well. You know Sean Payton likes versatility. It would be sad to see a guy like Houser go who has been such a mainstay for the Saints. Hopefully he outperforms Ninkovich but we'll see.

- Sean Payton thinks Heath Evans is a better blocker than Mike Karney? Wow.