Friday, April 23, 2010

Saints Nation: Saints Pick Tight End Jimmy Graham 95th Overall in 3rd Round

I knew the Saints would get a good young tight end at some point in the draft, and sure enough they took Miami Tight End Jimmy Graham. Graham joins Shockey as another Hurricane tight end on the team. I'm a little surprised that the Saints had Graham listed ahead of Florida Tight End Aaron Hernandez on their board, as Hernandez was still available, but this is a pick I like a tremendous deal. Shockey has struggled the stay healthy the last 3 to 4 seasons, and the Saints need a young promising player to groom behind him. Graham will battle with David Thomas for time as the number two tight end on the team. Graham was also a solid player for the Miami basketball team and is considered a tremendous athlete. Second coming of Antonio Gates?

Below are his strengths and weaknesses, per

Strengths: "Graham has an outstanding combination of size and speed for the tight end position. A former basketball player, he shows impressive natural athleticism on the gridiron. Despite limited experience, he has capable hands to make a play in traffic. High-character guy. Possesses tremendous potential."

Weaknesses: "Graham lacks game experience with only one year of football under his belt. At this time, work ethic as a pure football player needs to improve. His toughness is in question as he still carries the basketball player label. Blocking tenacity and overall technique need polish and refinement"