Monday, March 22, 2010

Saints Nation: NFL Schedule to come out Tomorrow?

It sounds as though the 2010 NFL regular season schedule may be released tomorrow. Per ESPN analyst Adam Schefter's twitter account: "Thursday night opener, and other regular-season games, will not be announced until Tuesday."

As most of you know, the Thursday night opener always kicks off with the defending SuperBowl champion playing a home game. In this case, it means our beloved Saints. All signs point towards that matchup being against the Minnesota Vikings in the Superdome, but we won't know officially until tomorrow. Stay tuned for that announcement to be made as I'll give my thoughts on the schedule as soon as it's released.

Last year the wasn't released until April 14th, so we'll be getting this information a lot sooner. I predicted a 10-6 record based on the schedule we got last year, and we ended up 13-3. Hopefully we can count on 3 more wins than my prediction again this year!