Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saints Nation: Interview With Saints Tight End Billy Miller

Saints' Tight End Billy Miller was kind enough to answer some questions for Saints Nation. Check out my Q&A with him below. Enjoy!

Saints Nation: Billy thank you for doing this- first off, tell me how your recovery is coming.

Billy Miller: Very well. I have the benefit of owning my own training facility with my own physical therapist in house so I am able to get round the clock physical therapy. Rehab is going great. I'm about a month out from being 100%
SN: You're currently an unrestricted free agent. Have you talked to the Saints about coming back? Tell me a little bit about your plans for the offseason and what you're hoping for. Please tell me you're not going to play for someone else.

BM: I have spoken to the Saints briefly and I think as of right now, they have bigger areas to address. For example Darren Sharper. I'm sure once the dust settles they will have a better idea if they want to bring me back. Until then, I'm training as if I'm getting ready to defend the World Championship. As far as me playing for someone else, I love the Saints and the city of New Orleans, and would love the opportunity to play with all my guys once again.

SN: Tell me about your role with the Saints after the injury. The team kept you around which a lot of times doesn't happen. Most guys go home to rehab and are removed from the team. That speaks to how much they valued your leadership. What was your role once you couldn't play? Was it an easy transition or difficult?

BM:  I turned into the best looking cheerleader and best dressed assistant coach. Last year was the greatest and hardest season of football for me. Winning a World Championship was a dream come true. Not being able to contribute was not!

SN: How special was the SuperBowl victory for you? Can you talk about the win, the parade, the whole experience?

BM: I've been playing football since I was 7 and to win a Super Bowl is why we all play the game! To watch some of my best friends go at and take a championship as the under dog and represent a city so well, was great to be a part of. The party afterward was unexplainable. The Saints parade was the single most unbelievable thing I've ever been apart of. To see that many people show us love was awesome!

SN: I know the last thing you want to think about is life after the NFL, but do you have any plans?

BM: Yes, as I mentioned before I own a sports training facility called Elite Athletics soon to be called Elite Performance Factory. With this I'm able to give back to kids and young men & women to help them achieve the dreams that I have been blessed to accomplish! I also get to see alot of my teamates who work out there and alot of the players I play against, here in the offseason because we all work out here in the off season.

SN: I know you and your wife started a geaux sports jewelry line. Can you tell us more about that, and any other projects you're involved in?

BM: Geaux (Go) Sports Jewelry was a dream that my wife had. It was an opportunity for her to step out and achieve her own personal goals and I was just blessed with the opportunity to help support her dream. The jewelry line looks great, I'm very proud of her, and thank you all to who've suppported her. And those of you who haven't, what are you waiting for? Our next project with Geaux Sports Jewelry is providing schools with an opportunity to make a custom school logo, design, or anything they want, into a beautiful piece of jewelry and use it for fund raising. We both feel that this is a great opportunity to keep sports and the arts available in our schools today by helping them make a lot of money for it! We are also doing a Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer, Gold Ribbon Children's Cancer, and Camoflauge Army pendants, and giving back 20% of sales of each to Susan G Komen, Children's Cancer, and the USO to support our troops! All coming soon.

SN: Anything else you want to share with Saints fans? Let them know about?

BM: Yes. I would like to thank the city of New Orleans and all Saints fans for embracing me as a Saint. Although I fully believe that I will have an opportunity to play again in black & gold, but as we know this is a business. And sometimes even the Saints can make bad decisions! Just Kidding. These last 4 years have changed my life in more ways than one. It has taught me to never judge a book by it's cover and that faith can bring people back from the unthinkable! I hope to see you guys soon!

Many thanks to Billy for taking the time, he's a true class act and we appreciate it greatly.