Thursday, November 19, 2009

Saints Nation: Jeremy Shockey dunks on LeBron James

Per Jeremy Shockey's twitter account: "Everyone trust me Lebron James could not play in the NFL, ESPN is crazy to even think he could even make a practice squad. He;s a 4.9 40 time."

I actually kind of agree with Shockey on this one. As ridiculous of an athlete as LeBron is, he can't run. What's more, getting hacked by Tyrus Thomas while driving to the basket doesn't compare with getting hit over the middle by Ray Lewis. That's not to take anything away from the physicality of the NBA - your average human would need to be hospitalized after getting fouled trying to score on a drive. But I also think your average human would need to be put on life support after a hit from Ray Lewis. This LeBron to the NFL talk needs to end, it's just ridiculous. Once again I blame ESPN and their Barbaro, Barry Bonds, Mike Vick, Brett Favre and now LeBron to the NFL attention seeking storylines that never go away.