Thursday, November 26, 2009

Saints Nation: Injury Report Looms

The injury report is supposed to come out tomorrow and there's a number of player's we've all been dying to get updates on. While the report won't give us the answer as to who will definitely play quite yet, we'll hopefully get a better sense of how the banged up players are healing. As far as I'm aware, the status is in question for the following players: Lance Moore, Reggie Bush, Sedrick Ellis, Jabari Greer, Randall Gay, and Tracy Porter. That's not including any unreported injuries from the Tampa game which could surface for the first time on Friday (which is entirely possible). Here's my prediction on the playing status of the players:
Lance Moore: He's got a high ankle sprain. Those things take a LONG time to heal, and Moore has been complaining often about how painful it is to watch his teammates while he gets treatment and can't practice. I think he's still a week away from playing. As big of a game as it is in the media's eye and the fan's hearts, it's not a game the Saints NEED. I can't see the Saints risking his health when they have 3 healthy receivers playing at a very high level. I think he sits.
Reggie Bush: I'm not sure what's going on with him. Sean Payton has been very quiet about the knee swelling Bush has suffered which kept him out of the Tampa game. The Saints had no problems getting production out of their running backs without Bush, so this may motivate them to sit Bush again. I think Bush will be a game time decision, but ultimately I don't think the Saints want to risk him for the stretch run. I'm going to predict he dresses for this game, but gets limited duty and under 10 touches.
Sedrick Ellis: He's been out there practicing on a limited basis, and I think he could have been back for the Tampa game but the Saints felt they could win without him. I truly believe he's back for this one and starting at defensive tackle, because the Saints desperately need him back.
Randall Gay: Depending on the severity, hamstrings can be nagging and take a painstakingly long time to heal. I don't think there's any way Gay is recovered in time. Just a guess, but I'm ruling him as inactive for this one against his former team.
Jabari Greer: The Saints keep being so tight lipped about Greer's groin injury, who knows what's really going on? I feel like the signings of Chris McAlister and Mike McKenzie are a sign things aren't going as well with Greer. The fact that they are bringing in experienced veterans makes me think they aren't sure they'll have their key guys for the stretch run. Still, I'm going to be optimistic on this one and I'm saying Greer starts and plays the whole game. They need their best corner to limit Randy Moss.
Tracy Porter: No secret here, we know he's out at least the next 3-4 more weeks. No way he plays.
If I'm correct and both Porter and Gay are out for this game, that means Malcolm Jenkins and Jabari Greer are the starters. If Greer is out, the Saints will likely start Jenkins and Usama Young. In either scenario I think Chris McAlister will be active and playing in nickel/dime situations. He may even play ahead of Usama Young. We'll have to wait and see about Mike McKenzie, but if Greer plays like I think he will, I tend to think McKenzie will sit and learn the new defense from the sidelines.